My Dream Man

Being an Elite Companion and Published Model has been a great way for me to meet some super men with successful careers.  No, nobody has yet convinced me that they are the one with whom I want to spend the rest of my life, but that does not mean that I have not been swept off my feet.  I love to be romanced, and I enjoy being passionate when a man is treating me special.

Because I fortunately keep busy with my modeling career, I have a limited time to date and therefore am very thoughtful about with whom I choose to spend time. Here is what I look for in a man that will bring out the very best in me:

Confident - I love being with a man who is truly confident. Confidence that comes from success in whatever field one has chosen to excel. Confidence that is real, not self absorbed braggadocios. The kind of confidence that will have you comfortable being seen in public with a guaranteed head turner. Or, the kind of confidence that makes a woman feel so very special in private times.

Intelligent - To me, the measure of a man is not how many degrees he has. I enjoy being with a man that has chosen to educate himself whether through formal schooling and/or through life lessons. I especially enjoy being with a man who is willing to share his knowledge and expertise. I enjoy hearing what has contributed to your success in your field.

Interesting - I am high on life. I enjoy exploring new places and having quality new experiences , especially in the company of a gentleman. Let's explore some of your interests together as a prelude to our special private moments. Let's take in a Laker's game, or explore a new city together, or try our luck in Vegas.

Energizing - I believe we are all about energy. I delight in being with a man that generates positive energy. A man that prides himself on being physically and emotionally fit. And, a man that can appreciate and receive the positive energy I generate.

Respectful - I enjoy being with a man who respects the views, interests and rights of others. I will be treating you extra special during our time together, and I will expect the same from you.

Discreet - We both have careers, family and friends. I value my privacy and I expect you do likewise. I am very, very discrete, and I expect a gentleman to be likewise. Our special moments are just that and are too special to be discussed with others.

To put it simply, I like to be in the company of a gentleman who knows how to treat a lady well. Being treated well enables me to focus all of my positive energy on creating an experience, for you, that will be one of the best times of your life. An experience that at times will have you purring with delight, while at other times will have you melting into sheer bliss.

So, what do you think? Are we compatible? Are you ready to invest to have a truly extraordinary experience? If so, select one of my packages and let's get scheduled.

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