Salvador Dali

Surreal Artist  1904-1989

Born in the town of Figueras in Northern Spain to an affluent family and a son of a notary. At ten years old he received his first drawing lesson. He went to study art at the Royal Academy in Madrid.

His art is classified as Surreal.  Salvador Dali was a Spanish painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and jewelery designer.  His work is definitely electric. He loved being an extreme exhibitionist in style, which was always an attention getter.
He used his imagination to intensify his art with unique style of his subconscious mind which sometimes was the bizarre in erotic imagination. Dali was ahead of his time. His work was realistic and detailed.

One time he appeared in a skin diving suit to introduce the opening of a London Surrealist exhibition in 1936. He stated that this was the source of his creative energy.

Dali created "Dream of Venus" for the World's Fair held in 1939. The Fair was held in Flushing Meadows and the theme was "Building of Tomorrow" and had many exhibits but none of them were as controversial as Dali's.

"Dream of Venus", was a fun house and had little connection with the theme or the main exhibition. But the director of exhibits loved the idea. The fun house was a sort of "spook house " which contained Freudian dream symbolism, very controversial and ahead of it's time. Dali has great work's not only in paintings but also sculpture,  jewelry and design.

 He wrote a book called  "Hidden Faces" and   worked on a film made with Luis Bunuel called "Un Chien andalou", and " L'Age d'Or, " both in Surreal style.

Salvador Dali has a museum in St Petersburg Florida and also in  Figures Spain his hometown.













King Tut Exhibit  New York City- April Past

The Metro Museum had quite a chilling exhibit as I remember.

When I visited this Museum, was immensely impressed by the King Tut exhibit.
First by the very sad outcome of the young King's death and what terrible destiny.I couldn't sleep for days and days. Just thinking of all those bodies mummified like that.

This was something that is going to be etched in my mind forever. .Seems like all the treasures of the world are not worth it.
As I remember, this showing had a ton of precious stones and artifices probably worthmore than Elizabeth Taylor had in her lifetime.

What a terrible tragedy  to be 18 and die like this young boy.

Just looking at these slim remains. At least his remains are mummified, kind of like a statue, guess that is the only good that comes from all this.
The legend is gruesome.

The Egyptians were one organized civilization in History.

But with that much slave labor who wouldn't be.

Quite modern for the time it seems like.

All the beautiful treasure being buried in a Pyramid then sealed of as sacred.

That time must have been interesting to live in.

I would only want to visit in a Time Machine and come back to reality.

Then the lights went out and the film came on about this very young King''s Death.

For those here, we are all lucky that the lights still come up for us.


The de Young Museum----San Francisco                                                                                                      October 10, 2010

The de Young Museum is the only museum in North America to host this particular  exhibition of late-impressionist paintings, the colors are fabulous and vivid.
The most famous late-Impressionist paintings by Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir, as well as works representing the individualist styles of the early modern masters, including Vincent van Gogh, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Paul Gauguin, and the Nabis Pierre Bonnard and Édouard Vuillard are exhibited in the museum.

Instead of getting into the list of the incredible masters of the past. I will not spoil this wonderful surprise for you. As one should experience
this for themselves, like everything else in life.
It's best to savor the experience, moment by moment and relish in it's beauty.

While being on a trip to San Francisco get yourself into this museum. You will be totally overwhelmed with the sensational works of these
Brilliant Artists who once were rebels of the past. I like this term (wink).

I am in Love with San Francisco and the Culture of this wonderful City.

Galerie Michael Art Exhibit 
The Inspiration of Artist Pablo Picasso--Art Exhibit January 17, 2008
This evening I had the pleasure of attending an exhibition at Galerie Micheal located in Beverly Hills, California, dedicated to Pablo Picasso. It featured a complete and rare set of progressive proofs and prints illustrating the process from inception to the final state.
Pablo Picasso is a celebrated artist of the Twentieth Century born in southern Spain. He began to draw when he was only seven years old under the eye of his father who was a teacher of painting.
Picasso was considered the driving force of the visual avant-garde. His art evolved into many diversified experiments and constant innovations of many moods. While admiring his creativity and  talent I also felt a great sense of romance and passion about his great works of art. I read that Picasso's art revolved around the various relations he had with his wives and mistresses. Many of the portraits are actually of his wives, mistresses and children. He was inspired by affairs of the mind and the heart, it drove him into wild passion and he immortalized them in his art.

One of his affairs was with Genevieve Laporte, who became an award-winning documentary style film-maker and poet. This affair began  when the 17 year old  Mme Laporte met Picasso when she interviewed him for her school magazine in 1944. I remember reading that their initial  conversation  included the following exchange:

"Mr Picasso, young people do not understand your paintings," she said. Picasso was furious , "What is that?'' He answered "Since when do you have to explain the language of painting? Do you understand the language of potato chips". Although it was an unusual beginning the painter then 63 and the schoolgirl 17 started a platonic relationship discussing art and literature. This later evolved in a very passionate affair.
Mme Laporte remembers him as an extremely intelligent, wonderful and respectful man, she fell in love with.
His art was a constant driving force which was inspired by passion and led him into artistic sense of spirit. Sketching and painting women he adored through his artistic dynamism and immortalizing their image in his mind and the public view forever.
Mmmmmmm, how totally romantic.......................................

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