It should almost go without saying that a true gentleman will conduct himself with appropriate etiquette.  However, I have learned that sometimes even the most successful need to be reminded of some basic etiquette that contributes to the right atmosphere for our very special time together.  Here are some basics of what you can expect from me and what I must be able to expect from you. 




We will enjoy each others company most when we are both able to be relaxed about others knowing the details of our date.  You have my assurance that everything about our date will be kept strictly confidential.  Your computer correspondence comes directly to me and is not shared with anyone else.  I personally handle all aspects of my very thorough verification process.  And, I never talk about my dates with others.


I expect you to be equally discreet.  Things that transpire between a gentleman and a lady are not meant to be talked about with others.  And, you should make sure that your computer communication with me is as discrete and secure as mine is with yours. Please don't ask about personal matters or my personal life or about others.


I require all new friends  to be screened for my safety and security for the first meeting.  Forms and requests are always answered within 24 hours when I am in town.

Please don't expect to book me on short notice as I have a modeling work schedule.




In our fast paced world, it seems that common courtesy is too often forgotten.  Maybe I am old fashioned in this regard, but I expect a gentleman to treat a lady with great care.


I go to great lengths to assure that I am on time for my date and I will expect you to do likewise.  Should an unavoidable delay be necessary, it is common courtesy that either one of us notify the other as soon as we have reason to believe we will be delayed.  If our date coincides with a visit to LA, it often is wise to schedule our date on your second day in town so you can eliminate the difficulty of delayed flights, rush hour traffic from the airport, and the like.


I can't imagine disappointing you by canceling our date other than under the most serious circumstances.  I respect that successful men have busy calendars so I will doing my best to meet as scheduled, vibrant, fresh and ready to pamper you.  You need to make the same commitment to me. 




Last but not least, I strive to always operate within the laws of the land.  Please do not ask me to do anything that would be illegal for either one of us or jeopardize my career in modeling and acting.  If you even so much as suggest an illegal act, not only will I refuse to do so, but I will terminate our date immediately and implement my security safety net.


If what you are looking for is "sex for money," please do not contact me.  I am an elite companion who specializes in creating unparallel passionate experiences for gentlemen whose reputations preclude getting involved with those who see themselves as a "provider."  Time with me is, I am told, is like spending time with the girl friend you dreamed about.  And, many say it is the best female experience they have ever had.

I adore Respectful Gentlemen that treat a woman with respect and caring.



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