Hotels-Your Choice-Your Standards

I currently noticed, everyone wants to know the very best Hotels in Los Angeles.

But very best depends on what you consider "The Best" and and one is seeking.

Perhaps some want a specific location to an event such as a Lakers Game.

Others might want to be close to Major Shopping Centers or High Caliber Shopping Sprees such as in the Beverly Hills area.

Some require a relaxing atmosphere of the ocean and running around the beach areas.

There are so many locations and ideas to choose from.

The best thing to do is decide what kind of time you might want.

Then go on the web for Hotel Choices.
Click on  the area needed and determine if you want a Five Star Hotel or less.

This will narrow your choices and give you the very best in your investment of a Great Hotel according yo your standards.

Hope this idea has helped you.

The following list  will be my choice for very Favorite-Fun Hotels on the Blog to follow.

But consider that I am a very spoiled girl so if you want something a little more to your standards it's understandable.

Have fun!


Tiffany Champagne

More to Come soon!


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