Because the Editor of Insight asked questions that you likely have, I am posting the interview with their permission.  Hopefully, this will give you some additional information that you will useful in making your decision as to whether we are right for each other.

Insight: I just have to ask. Is Tiffany Champagne your real name?


Tiffany: Well it is my professional name and I am very real...giggle.  There actually is a cute story as to how I got my name.  I was at one of the many parties I attended at the famous Mansion, here in LA, and I was chatting with a well known actor (and, I might say, quite a lady's man).  We were sipping some champagne and he was telling me he wanted to take me shopping at Tiffany's.  The next thing I know he starts calling me Tiffany Champagne...and I fell in love with the name (and with him).


Insight: So are you a regular at the Mansion parties?


Tiffany: Well, at one stage of my life I did attend regularly, and it was a terrific time.  But there came a time that I just started preferring enjoying time alone with a man away from the scene at the Mansion.  But, I do have fond memories of those parties and some of the top people I met.


Insight: What are your favorite cities, and why?

Tiffany: I would have to say one of my most first favorite cities are New York City, San Francisco, Chicago and Las Vegas. I love the energy of NYC; it makes me feel alive. Just walking down Fifth Ave gives me a high on life. NYC is one of the most exciting cities in the world. I am originally from NYC, and I feel it's one of the greatest cities in the whole world.
I also like other cities such as Boston, Washington DC. I love the variety of different and cultures, different concepts, and attitudes toward life.  But, I also enjoy smaller places as the culture differs.  I just recently did a photo shoot in Portland, Oregan and this city is fascinating with its culture and artistic charm.

My choice internationally is Paris, France. My father was born in France, and I find the language the to be very romantic. I am into beauty, and this is a beautiful cultural part of the World. I also like London very much because I think the English have incredible class. The clothes, the style very sophisticated and polished.

Insight: So what kind of men do you like to date?

Tiffany: I love being with successful men. I am not talking about necessarily famous people as I don't think there is always a perfect correlation between success and fame.  Some of my most memorable dates have been with successful men who work in fields such as medicine, business, and academia where fame is less routine than in entertainment and sports. I like intelligent productive individuals.

Insight: What is a model, companion like yourself offer?

Tiffany: Being a Vip-Model and Luxury Companion I can be with Elite Gentlemen as their temporary girlfriend. Being a romantic at heart, I like to establish chemistry and connection. After our first meeting usually in Los Angeles. I am able to join them in any part of the world they choose. Then we start and build a new lasting friendship, and I create new scenarios, adventures, and FIVE STAR EXPERIENCES.  l so adore traveling and go to any place in the world they choose. Most of my gentlemen friends see me over and over again, in extended arrangements

Insight: Where could I meet you?

Once I meet up in Los Angles. I could meet Worldwide by appointment.
I visit NYC, San Francisco. Las Vegas, Hawaii, London and Worldwide. Wherever my few chosen friends care to meet.
Since I have a love of travel, I totally enjoy myself.

Insight: Why are your packages on the high side?

Tiffany: I only socialize part-time I still doing Glamour Modeling and I am a Playboy Model/Actress. For all meetings, I like to take my time, enjoy your company and establish chemistry and connection for our date.

My friends find the process addictive, the unknown adventure fascinates me. Being a Published Glamour Model and tailoring every experience that you require. I dress up for our time out together and in private have with a Top Selection of Lingerie and Play Clothes.
 If you want the ordinary experience, there are many to choose from, But my experience is a Champagne experience. One either goes shopping in Quality High-Class Store like Saks Fifth Ave or Mass
production target Chains.


Insight: So what do you find so attractive about successful men?


Tiffany:  First of all, successful men have an air of confidence that I enjoy.  The truly successful have this without arrogance, which is something I do not enjoy. They also have the same Standards that I have for Quality.

Successful men are almost always intelligent, no matter their field of success and I love hearing them talk about some of their ultimate moments.  And last but not least, most successful men know how to delight a woman in the caring, tender manner that I enjoy deeply.


Insight: What if a successful man is shy around beautiful woman?

Some of my most enjoyable experiences have been with gentlemen who are reserved or even shy.  Often their shyness makes them even more sensitive to the needs of a woman. Really, it comes down to be a caring who enjoys bringing pleasure to one's partner.
Shy men are truly a delight and very respectful.


Insight: You describe yourself as an "Elite Companion."  What exactly does an elite companion do?


Tiffany: Purring...come into my lair I will show you...giggle.


Let me put some perspective on all this. My primary career is as a model and occasionally as an actress (when luck is with me). Being single, I have decided the easiest way to meet really successful men, from all walks of life, is by serving as an Elite Companion.


Recognizing the substantial investment a man makes in spending time with me, I view my responsibility is to create one of the most memorable experiences a man will ever have. I am totally focused on the person I am with, and I delight in passionately pursuing creation of sheer bliss.


Insight: That sounds more than a little addictive.


Tiffany: laughing...well no one ever said that time spent with me is for the faint of heart.  And, many of my companions do become good friends and see me on a regular basis.

Insight: How do you dress for your meetings.

I dress according to what the situation is or what the  fantasy requires.
On dates I dress classy and stylish but always in good taste.  I am a headturner but in a good way--lots of times I am mistaken for a famous movie star (can't name her)
Other times I am mistaken for being a girlfriend or a socialite of the date I am with.
If there is a request for a fantasy--such as a Nurse --giggle.  I have the outfit.

Insight: You are beautiful, unbelievably sexy but classy, and obviously intelligent.  How does a guy get to spend time with you?

Tiffany:  Admittedly that is easier said than done.  Because of my modeling schedule and the need to keep myself in great shape for that career, my dating opportunities are limited.  So out of necessity, I am quite selective.  I will only meet gentlemen who are interest in having a truly memorable time and willing to invest appropriately to have such an uplifting experience.  And, I only date men who are willing to go through my discreet, but very thorough, screening process . If I can not verify you, I can not spend time with you.

Insight: Can a Gentlemen get a Discount on your Fees?

If you notice in life, all good things have their value, this is true for anything, I am an Elite Companion catering to world class clients and distinguished gentlemen who want a beautiful, sophisticated and polished Model. If your preference is someone other than this, there are plenty of ladies to meet with you. Like most things in life, you get  what the value is of the item, I am a world class companion catering to the World Class and the Elite.

Insight: Are your rates negotiable?

My rates are NOT negotiable. I offer longer sessions due to building up a special chemistry for us.
If you prefer to stay for a shorter period, you may do so, but my rates are the same.
Please do not negotiate my rates.

Insight: What  about the High Profile Gentlemen who values his credentials and privacy?

I model and act under a different identity myself and have to guard my reputation . As I am a SAG card actress and Playboy Model. I am very well known and reputable person. Your privacy is totally confidential with me, and so is my reputation.
As I have a lot going on in my other career and very careful in every aspect.
If you are a professional, actor, or high profile individual your secret is totally safe and secure with me,
I do require your name and telephone number when you reserve appointments. I destroy all  information after our meetings.

Insight: Would it be possible to get together when I know my schedule on the same day?

I would love to meet you, but due to my other careers my schedule is incredibly busy.
I also book up very quickly due to my limited availability.
You must book me in advance to prevent being disappointed.
The more advance notice the better your chances of getting to meet me.

 Oh...I almost forgot, I will only date men who place a priority on demonstrating appropriate etiquette.


Insight: Do you have a thing for Editors?


Tiffany: laughing...I could if you are successful in your field...are you?...and if you are prepared to invest in my creating a magical experience that will delight you for the rest of your life.


Insight: How long do you plan on being in this business?


Tiffany: As to my modeling, I will continue for as long as the calls keep coming in. In the meantime, I am already diligently working on going into business for myself as my next career.


As to my dating, I will continue that until Prince Charming sweeps me off my feet. By sweep, I do not mean BS's me off my feet...or tries to do so...but I mean someone who demonstrates passionate caring and totally connects with me at the spiritual, mental and physical levels. 


Insight: You are one very, very special woman.


Tiffany: Thank you darling. Very kind of you to say do you have what it takes to spend some quality, private time with me?


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