Life's Special Moments

We all have Moments of Fantasy here are some of mine"

Some of the following are my most Special Moments of Time I would Love to Share with You.

Solid Gold Packages

Lunch Time

I adore sunny afternoons and lunch dining in one of my favorite Beverly Hills Restaurants.
Lunch in my favorite spots in Beverly Hills and Hollywood are very enjoyable. We could enjoy some of the most interesting tourists spots and dine in a Hollywood Atmosphere.

The Beaches of Santa Monica are known for their fabulous lunch time spots.  I enjoy the fabulous variety of different restaurants which have  French to Asian cuisine along the Malbu Beach Areas.

Just relaxing  and getting to know my date are very special moments to me. As I like to know all about you to enjoy every moment of our time together. That is perfect for the stressed business executive, actor, or professional with a tight schedule.  


Let's get to know each other over some champagne at one of LA's hot spots.  You tell me whether you want to experience being seen with me at one of the in places, or prefer one of the many more discrete, quiet places that abound in Tinseltown.  Of course, a gentleman can expect that a woman would also like some quality private time so that we can get to know each other.  First time dates, this three hour date is the one for you.

                                                                           Dinner & Sweet Dessert

There is nothing like my having the opportunity to hear about some of your latest accomplishments over a nice dinner at one of the area's deluxe restaurants or along the coast, before we head off...  Because I so enjoy learning about what makes a person a success in their chosen field, this is my favorite experience.  I will have all of your senses delighted beyond imagination. 

Because of my modeling and acting commitments and because I need time to make your experience special, you will definitely want to schedule in advance.

                                                                          Sports Fan Special Evening

Have you ever wondered what is like to attend a Laker's or King's game with all eyes on you and your date?  Are you confident enough to experience the penultimate sports experience?  You and I will attend the game then spend two hours of private time after the game celebrating your being the envy of every man at the game.   Truly a connoisseur's doubleheader; an evening you will never forget.


Pure Platinum Packages

For those who really enjoy being with a beautiful woman, I have created my Pure Platinum Packages.  More time together.  Even more passion.  And each one of these dates concludes with my providing you with a special gift that I will have selected especially for you as a memento of our time together.

                                                                            Overnight Delights

Love enjoying myself at those maginificents Luxory Resorts and Lavish Hotels.
We wil start dinner the night before and enjoy some of the Hot Spots in LA
Lets enjoy waking up and having breakfest together and I could show you the Breakfest of sucess by your side....Mmmmmm.

Love to start with dinner the evening before and spnd a delightful night in one of my favorite Lavish Hotels.

Your smile will be a tell tale of what happened the night before--this is 12 to 14 hours of caring.
Just love to delight all your senses.

                                                                            Twenty Four Hours of LA Bliss

I will be your temporary girlfriend for those with a full day to devote to my taking care of you.  More pampering than most men have ever had in their life.  Truly a very uplifting experience for those in shape to withstand this extended passion that comes with spending twenty four hours together, here in LA. More extended time. I just love taking my time and caring for your adventures here in LA.

                                                                             Beach Weekend Getaway

Let's spend the weekend together down in a beautiful and romantic spot I love south of the city.  The perfect stress reliever for you after a long week of work in LA.  You deserve a break and what a break it will be!  Dinner Friday evening and then extended private time to pamper you in the deluxe, cozy villa I will recommend.  We will sip champagne in the Love tub.  And delight in each others company all night long.
Saturday we can walk the beach and shop at Fashion Island.  Saturday night you will be my guest for dinner where we will toast your latest success.  And, Saturday night we will again sleep in each others arms. MMMMMMMmmmmm.
Sunday, we get to sleep in before heading off for brunch and a farewell champagne toast.  We will part as close friends with you being ready to take on the world on Monday.  A solid investment in your mental and physical health and well being. Limited to friends with whom I have previously spent quality time.   Warning: this getaway can be habit forming, which is why I offer a package of four getaways .

                                                                       Your Date for a Special Occasion

I enjoy accompanying successful men to those special occasions where being accompanied by a beautiful woman is important to you.  I will fly to your city, attend your evening event, and then spend a couple of hours of private time so that we can toast your success with some of my Champagne sweetness.
I will fly to where ever you need me. Love to attend your special event.
Spending a couple of hours our time together so we could toast to your success with my Champagne sweetnes

Champagne Experiences are for Extensive Pampering and Most Relaxing Times

Champagne Escapes

From the special to the exotic, I would love to plan one of my renowned escapes for you.  For clients who have demonstrated that they are gentlemen on a LA date, I enjoy jetting off to someplace special to be your companion for a weekend or even a week.  I delight in crafting a unique escape that caters to your preferences.  Or, consider some of these special escapes:

                                                                         San Francisco Adventure

When I want to experience the flavor of a City I love spending my days and nights in San Francisco.
No wonder Tony Bennett sang "I left my heart in San Francisco".

The San Francisco Weekend is the most Romantic...

When your business takes you to San Francisco, let me provide you with the ultimate in a romantic weekend. I will meet you Friday evening at your hotel.  After spending some private time getting reacquainted, it is off to a romantic dinner.  Followed, of course, by very private desert that I will provide back at our hotel.   Followed by a night of closeness.

Saturday, we can sleep in before setting off to explore the sights of San Francisco and to get some walking exercise.  Of course, a fit gentleman needs to cross train and I would love to show you some private moves Saturday afternoon.  Saturday night it is my turn to treat you.  I will take you to one of my favorite restaurants.  And Saturday night, I will pamper you like you have likely never been pampered before.

Sunday, we get to sleep in before heading off for brunch and a farewell champagne toast.  We will part as close friends with you being ready to take on the world on Monday.  A great investment in your health and well being.  And a true dream come true in the city of romance.

                                                                           Las Vegas Fling

Las Vegas is really a treat.

I feel very lucky every time I visit Las Vegas and not only when I win at the tables.
But just being in this fabulous Metropolis of Grand Hotels and Casinos makes me incredibly happy.
I find that Happiness is what Life is about.

Feeling lucky? You will feel very lucky with me on your arm in Vegas where the lights are bright and the action heavy.  Let me be your good luck charm and the envy of every man in the casino.

Let me show you a great time in the city that never sleeps.  From our base at the beautiful Bellagio Hotel, we will see the sights, gamble to your hearts content, hopefully take in a show or two, and still get plenty of private time during our three day, two night fantasy experience of a lifetime.

During our forty-eight hours together you will come to understand why Vegas has so many wedding chapels as I provide you with the kind of GFE that would have even the most determined bachelor running for the Chapel.  Of course, I am not the type to settle down (just yet), so you need not worry.  But, you do need to be prepared to be treated like a king.

                                                                            New York City Nights

New York is my most Favorite City.

This is where I grew up and I have special fond memories of my times in New York and love going back home, even for a weekend.

New York. New York.  When your business takes you to New York, let's rendezvous for a weekend that you will have you primed for success on Monday.

I love New York and I love to experience it with a gentleman who enjoys the sights and sounds of this great city.

I will fly in late Friday afternoon so we get an early start on the weekend.  We will meet at one of the four star hotels to get reacquainted before going out to dinner and possibly a show.  Then it is back to our hotel to spend extended private time where I get to show off some new lingerie (yes, yours to keep as a remembrance) and show you just how passionate I can be when a gentlemen is treating me special.

Saturday we sleep in late, then hit Fifth Avenue where we window shop while getting some good walking exercise.  Hopefully, you will then be my guest for my picking out something special for you -- something that will be a discrete reminder of our time together.  Saturday evening in New York has endless possibilities, but weather permitting I do expect that we will go to Rockefeller Center so that I can demonstrate the romance in the air at this beautiful spot.  Then its back to our hotel so that the romance can continue in private and more intimately.Sunday we sleep in and then say our sweet good byes over a Champagne brunch.  You have Sunday afternoon and evening to rest up (you will need it!) and get prepared for a great Monday.  A fantasy come true. 

Wonderful Weekends Get Aways are My Most Favorite Time

                                                                           Sedona Experience

For me, Sedona (AZ) is a very magical place.  Beyond the gorgeous countryside, the area abounds with a spiritual feeling that I just love.  And, it is the location for the resort Enchantment, home of one of the world's greatest spas.

If you are a gentlemen who believes that spas are not just for women, then lets spend a couple of days together shopping in Sedona, getting spa treatments, and enjoying each other's company in our deluxe private casita.  These casitas provide a level of privacy that will make our champagne bubble baths a great prelude for our hot nights.

We will meet in Sedona and spend two full days and long nights together in this dream come true experience that will refresh you mind and body.

                                                                        Get-Away Islands

Are the most Memorable and Relaxing Times I ever have are in Tahitti.

Hawaii is Also one of my Favorite Islands

Catalina is magnificent and close by......

I so enjoy those marvelous weekends with cruising these Islands.

The Wrigley Mansion is my favorite, waking up to the beautiful view of this wonderful island is so relaxing

Love jetting away from the hustle and bustle of the States to beautiful Tahiti where the turquoise waters and sandy coral beaches are the perfect setting for our romantic interlude.
Getting a private cottage at the exquisite resort of Le Tahaa -- the ultimate and exclusive hideaway with glistening beaches and sparkling waters in the South Pacific.  We will spend five days and four nights exploring the wonders of paradise, while you enjoy paradise like it was meant to be experienced.
You will be the envy of the island with me on your arm, and by your side.  The privacy of this deluxe resort provides plenty of opportunities for intimate moments by day, and by night.
This is an investment that will create a lifetime of memories for friends with the stamina to enjoy all of my passion.
Have a fantasy that you have long wanted?  Let's plan an escape that will nourish your soul and leave you feeling pampered and totally refreshed.  Let's have a Custom fantasy's

Remember, that I only travel with gentlemen who have become friends after seeing me in LA.  So get to know me in LA.  As my friends often say, "to know me is to love me."

"Time with Tiffany Champagne is the Ultimate Best"


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