Being Spoiled in Hollywood

Since I live in the Glamour Capitol of the World. I am exposed to its' history and I am spoiled by the fantasy and luxury of this wonderful city. Glamour was the creation in Hollywood, which presently is the most famous name in the world. Many of it's famous photographers revolutionized the way photography captured  the images of some of Hollywood's leading ladies from 1920 to 1950. The images created were not only original but highly stylized and erotic.

Glamour photography is now the focus of many advertising, fashion and editorial ads in major magazines.

The Start of Glamour Photography 1920 to 1956

The Glamour Period from 1920 to 1956

During the  period  of 1920 to 1956 is when Glamour Photography started in Hollywood. The photos in this time were Black and White. The Movie Studios were selling sultry images of the starlets, such as Jean Harlow, Veronica Lake and  Marilyn Monroe.

Great photographers such as Frank Powolny were commissioned by the Studios to take promotional photos of the early starlets in 1920. Frank was one of the first still photographers in 20th Century Fox Studios. Using his lighting and technique to capture sultry images of many starlets.

Ed Hurrell is a legend of old-time glamour photography.  Stars such as Joan Crawford, Norma Shearer were photographed by photographer Ed for MGM. His photos of Jean Harlow are divine. 

Pin-up and Cheesecake  photos became the rage after 1940.

More glamour photos, pin-up and cheesecake of starlets were taken in the period of 1940 to 1950 of many stars such Bridgette Bardot, Diana Dors and Lana Turner.

Betty Grable became the Pin-Up Girl in 1940 with a naughty but wholesome image. Her sexy photos and million dollar legs were also photographed by Frank Powolny. Betty was the box-office queen of 1940.

Marilyn Monroe was a starlet in Hollywood. When she was not doing well financially  well,  she pose nude on Red Velvet, a picture that made headlines in the year 1949. Tom Kelly Sr. who photographed the famous Marliyn,  met her in the most interesting way. Marilyn was driving in Hollywood, when Tom saw an accident take place. Marilyn Monroe was in one of the cars. Tom gave her his card  and asked her to pose nude in 1949. She agreed and it became the most famous photo on the Red Velvet with sexy Marilyn Monroe. The Red Velvet Images made  Calendar History in 1949.

Betty Paige was discovered by a photographer Jerry Tibbs on Coney Island in 1950. She was a beautiful brunette with dark hair and bangs, She was known for sensual and nude photography and posed for Playboy. Betty took many cult and sexy photos that created interest in her erotic image. She also had posed for mail-order photos themes and some bondage erotica. Betty was named "Miss Pinup Girl of the World" in 1955. In the same year she appeared in Playboy.

In 1980 to Present-Day

Glamour Photography has become the trend in Magazines in general. Major Magazines are putting an emphasis on Glamour and Sex-Appeal and this trend is moving more out of Men's Magazines and becoming very popular in advertising and editorials.

It's common  these days to see major ads and campaigns all focused on Glamour Ads. Glamour Photography has come a long way.

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Something Mom Couldn't Handle

Guess we are all a product of our surroundings.

Well in high school my reading score was not the highest, so my Mom had a better idea.
She decided to give me plenty of reading material to help with my reading skills.  These were romance novels. Lolita, Curious Yellow, Anne Karenina,

Dr. Kildare , to name a few.

These just happened to be romance novels. Well my reading skills did skyrocket, so much that the Private School I was attending in NYC, could just not believe it and they gave me a special IQ test.

I guess Mom knew what she was doing.

It was a year of junior modeling and my modeling agencies in NYC always had make-up artists that would put make-up  sophisticated make-up on a 14 years old girl for their shoots,
The told me I would look great as a Blonde and I did.

Mom had to handle it, but she was in shock.

After a year she told me to dye my hair dark. I still had modeling assignments but the assignments were boring. I was the girl next door.

Finally when I was with Playboy Modeling Agency they told me I would look much Sexier as a Blonde. It was much more becoming to me and after being a girl-next door I become a very popular  glamour model. Yes Blondes defiantly have more Fun.

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